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The folks at Evolution Softworks have been using Perl to custom develop web application solutions since somewhere around the days of version 5.000, and along the way we've developed a variety of modules that are available under open-source licenses.

CPAN Modules

The following packages are available through CPAN. You may browse them through search.cpan.org or retrieve them directly from a CPAN mirror site.

Class::MakeMethods Templated generation of common methods.
Data::DRef Delimited-key access to complex data structures.
Data::PropertyList Convert arbitrary objects to/from strings.
Data::Quantity Parsing and formatting common typed values
DBIx::DBO2 Relational-object Mapper for fast DB class building
DBIx::SQLEngine DBI Wrapper and SQL Generator with cross-platform support
Devel::PreProcessor Module inlining and other Perl source manipulations.
String::Escape Registry of string functions, including backslash escapes.
Term::ShellKit Reusable command-line Perl environment
Text::MicroMason Simplified HTML::Mason Templating.

Other Distributions

Some packages are not suitable for CPAN distribution, perhaps because they contain part of an application rather than a standalone module, or because they have become out of date, or have simply not yet been organized, documented, and packaged for distribution.

DBIx::DBRX Business Data Framework
File::Name Object-oriented interface to common file operations
HTML::Dixon Structured interface builder for HTML::Mason
EBiz An e-business database framework (include SiteSearch)
Err Modules A collection of error and logging tools. (Err::Debug, Err::Exception, Err::LogFile, Err::WebLogFormat)
Evo Misc Kit Misc crufty modules; include patches from project trees
EvoScript-4 A tag-based scripting tool and web engine (Script and WebApp modules)
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